Wednesday Banquet



Choose one dish from each section

Course One

Chicken 65
Diced chicken cooked Hyderabadi style with curry

Chicken Tikka
Chicken charcoal roasted in the tandoor oven.

Lamb Tikka
Lamb charcoal roasted in the tandoori oven

Achari Murgh Tikka
Tamarind flavour chicken cooked with spice then
charcoal baked in the clay oven

Tandoori Chicken
Spring chicken marinated in the specially prepared
tandoori sauce & then cooked on skewers over charcoal

Shish Kebab
From the tandoor, minced lamb mixed with herbs

Onion  Bhaji
Chopped onion mixed with cabbage & black pepper.

Prawn Puri
Goan spicy prawns with deep fried brown bread

AJoo Bora
Mashed potato stuffed with mint & ginger then deep fried

Vegetable Samosa
Fresh vegetables cooked with five different spices
& presented in traditional Indian triangular samosa

Meat  Samosa
Minced lamb cooked with five different spices &
presented in traditional Indian triangular samosas.

Crab Piri Piri
Crab rneat, rice vinegar, spring onion & Goan  spices
fused together. Served with deep fried brown brea

Aloo Chatt
Juicy pieces of potatoes spiced or medium spiced

Chicken Chatt
Juicy pieces of chicken spiced or medim Goan spicy prawns with deep fried brown bread



Chicken Peshwari
Diced chicken marinated in mango pulp, cream,
almond and sultanas

Chicken Tikka Massala
The famous chicken tikka massala – mild in taste. Bollywood makes this famous dish with a specially made massala sauce

Chef.‘s Special Chicken Curry An exceptional chicken curry unique to the Bollywood. OUr chef’s special sauce is hot, sweet, sour and spicy

Chicken or Lamb Karma
Mild and sweet, cooked in ground almonds and cream sauce

Chicken or Lamb Madras
Chicken or Lamb curry. Medium hot

Chicken or Lamb Vindaloo
Chicken or lamb curry. Hot

Chicken or Lamb Bhuna
Chicken or lamb medium spicy curry

Chicken or Lamb Dupiaza
Chicken or lamb cooked with fried onions and tomatoes. Slightly spicy

Chicken or Lamb Passanda
Pieces of marinated chicken or lamb cooked in cream, ground almond and delicate herbs

Chicken or Lamb Saag
Chicken or lamb cooked with spinach. Medium hot

Chicken Jalfrezi
Pieces of chicken cooked with specially prepared sauce, garnished with onions, green peppers & green chillies. Slightly hot

Dum Pukht Gosht
Subtly flavoured lamb cooked with saffron & brown onions

Sathkora Chicken or Lamb

Chicken or lamb cooked in calamansi juicy ytild lemon (Sathkora), lemon leaf & naga chilli. A medi­ um hot dish with lots of flavour

Chicken or Lamb Tikka
Chicken/lamb charcoal roasted in the tandoori oven

Hara Murgh
Fresh pieces of chicken marinated with garlic, gin­ger & chilli paste, cooked with specially made hare (herbs) sauce. Hot and spicy

Kadi Gosht

A medium hot lamb stew, made to a Indian recipe, sauce made with a whole coriander seed & bulb chilli for a highly distinctive flavour

Xacuti Chicken
A chicken curry that is highly spiced and fairly hot. Using fresh coconut, it combines flavour from Goa & South India.

Chicken or Lamb Dansak
Chicken or lamb slightly sweet & sour with lentils & herbs.

Chicken or Lamb Rogan Josh
Chicken or lamb cooked in tomato, onion green pepper and various herbs & spices.

Chicken or Lamb Pathia
Hot, sweet & sour cooked with herbs & served in a thick sauce.

Chicken or Lamb Biryani
Cooked with Basmati Rice ·

Sabzi Biryani
Vegetables  cooked  with basmati  rice

 Korma Rogni
A curry of fresh seasoned  vegetables  cooked in a delectable  cream and yoghurt gravy

Sabzi Jalfrezi
Stewed vegetables  with capsicum,  onion, tomatoes, green chillies  and chat massala

Sabzi Roshney
Vegetables cooked  with tomatoes,  green peppers and onions with garlic and green chili. Dry curry

Sabzi Massala
Fresh mixed vegetable  massala,  bollywood makes this famous dish with a specially  made massala sauce.  Mild in taste

Karai Motor  Paneer
Cheese & peas cooked  with onion, capsicum, tomato in a tamarind  flavoured

Sabzi Jai Puri
Fresh vegetables  in a jai puri style sauce. Medium curry

Sabzi Hariali
Fresh vegetables  cooked with mint and coriander.



Sabzi Curry
Fresh vegetables  cooked  with little spice, using several  vegetables,  Bengali style

Mombay  Aloo
Potatoes  cooked mombay  style

Saag Aloo
Spinach and potatoes

Vegetable Samosa

Mixed  Green Salad

Cucumber  or onion

Chana Massala
Chick peas cooked with lemon and tamarind  sauce

Aloo Gobi
Potatoes  and cauliflower  Cooked  in spices

Tarka Dall
Pink lentils cooked with garlic

Onion  Bhaji
Chopped onion mixed with cabbage & black pepper



Pilau Rice

Plain Rice


Plain Naan

Flavoured Naan
Choice of Garlic, Peshwari,  Keema,  Kulcha or Chilli



Vanilla Ice Cream Two scoops
Chocolate Ice Cream Two scoops